USDA Organic

What Is Organic

For 15 years we have always been committed to make cosmetic products that bear the Hemp Organics™ name to be as close to the USDA Certified Organic standards for foods as cosmetics can be. Keeping this mission in mind we have never produced shampoos, hair conditioners or lotions filled with synthetic raw materials and simply "green washed" them by adding a few drops of organic oils or "organic floral water" to otherwise completely synthetic personal care products.

We believe that our customers should feel that when they buy our Hemp Organics™ products they are getting cosmetics that are as close to Certified Organic Food Standards as can possibly be while continuing our long time support of organic agriculture and fairly traded raw materials.

Therefore, we are proud to announce that we have completed USDA organic certification on the base of the Hemp Organics lip care products that we manufacture. This means that our products are 95+ percent certified organic ingredients to which we add simple natural and mineral pigments to complete the formulation.

The base of Hemp Organics cosmetic products are certified to NOP Certified Organic food standards by Quality Assurance International (QAI).

QAI is an independent third party certifying agency that the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) has entrusted to review applications and formulas and has granted Hemp Organics™ certification in accordance with the criteria established under the USDA's strict Certified Organic Food Standards.

Hemp Organics: just simple, certified organic cosmetic lip care products that have natural and mineral pigments added to them.